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Beer or Brewery Name
The Entire Genome
Beer Style
Brewing Location
Alcohol Content
African Ales
African Amber / Red Ale
African Black Pale Ale
African Pale Ale
African Pale Wheat Ale
American Ales
Amber Cream Ale
Amber Pale Ale
Amber Tea Ale
American Amber / Red Ale
American Amber IPA
American Autumn Ale
American Barleywine
American Bitter
American Black Ale
American Black Barleywine
American Black IPA
American Black Lager
American Black Pale Ale
American Blonde Ale
American Blonde Pale Ale
American Brett IPA
American Brett Session IPA
American Brown Ale
American Brown IPA
American Brown Porter
American Brown Rye Ale
American Buckwheat Pale Ale
American Chilli Chocolate Porter
American Chilli Chocolate Stout
American Chocolate Amber / Red Ale
American Chocolate Blonde Ale
American Chocolate Brown Ale
American Chocolate Coffee Porter
American Chocolate Coffee Stout
American Chocolate Hazelnut Porter
American Chocolate Hazelnut Stout
American Chocolate Maple Porter
American Chocolate Milk / Sweet Coffee Stout
American Chocolate Milk / Sweet Stout
American Chocolate Milk Porter
American Chocolate Milk Stout
American Chocolate Oatmeal Stout
American Chocolate Porter
American Chocolate Stout
American Chocolate Vanilla Porter
American Christmas Ale
American Citrus IPA
American Coconut Chocolate Coffee Porter
American Coconut Chocolate Coffee Stout
American Coconut Chocolate Oatmeal Stout
American Coconut Chocolate Porter
American Coconut Chocolate Stout
American Coconut Coffee Stout
American Coconut Milk Stout
American Coconut Porter
American Coconut Stout
American Coffee Black Ale
American Coffee Blonde Stout
American Coffee Brown Ale
American Coffee Cream Brown Ale
American Coffee IPA
American Coffee Milk Chocolate Session Stout
American Coffee Pale Ale
American Coffee Porter
American Coffee Stout
American Coffee Vanilla Oatmeal Stout
American Copper Ale
American Cream Stout
American Dark Ale
American Dark Wheat Ale
American Double / Imperial Amber Ale
American Double / Imperial Amber IPA
American Double / Imperial Black Ale
American Double / Imperial Black Bitter
American Double / Imperial Black IPA
American Double / Imperial Blonde Ale
American Double / Imperial Brett IPA
American Double / Imperial Brown Ale
American Double / Imperial Brown IPA
American Double / Imperial Chocolate Coffee Stout
American Double / Imperial Chocolate Hazelnut Stout
American Double / Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout
American Double / Imperial Chocolate Oatmeal Stout
American Double / Imperial Chocolate Porter
American Double / Imperial Chocolate Stout
American Double / Imperial Chocolate Vanilla Porter
American Double / Imperial Citrus IPA
American Double / Imperial Coconut Brown Ale
American Double / Imperial Coconut Chocolate Coffee Stout
American Double / Imperial Coconut Chocolate Stout
American Double / Imperial Coconut Coffee Stout
American Double / Imperial Coconut Milk Stout
American Double / Imperial Coconut Stout
American Double / Imperial Coconut Vanilla Stout
American Double / Imperial Coffee Brown Ale
American Double / Imperial Coffee IPA
American Double / Imperial Coffee Porter
American Double / Imperial Coffee Stout
American Double / Imperial Cream Ale
American Double / Imperial Dark IPA
American Double / Imperial Dark Wheat Ale
American Double / Imperial Extra Pale Ale (XPA)
American Double / Imperial Fruit IPA
American Double / Imperial Fruit Stout
American Double / Imperial Golden Ale
American Double / Imperial Hazelnut Coffee Stout
American Double / Imperial Honey IPA
American Double / Imperial India Red Ale
American Double / Imperial IPA
American Double / Imperial Maple Porter
American Double / Imperial Milk Coffee Stout
American Double / Imperial Milk IPA
American Double / Imperial Milk Porter
American Double / Imperial Milk Stout
American Double / Imperial Oatmeal Coffee Brown Ale
American Double / Imperial Oatmeal Coffee Stout
American Double / Imperial Oatmeal IPA
American Double / Imperial Oatmeal Milk Stout
American Double / Imperial Oatmeal Pale Ale
American Double / Imperial Oatmeal Rye Stout
American Double / Imperial Oatmeal Stout
American Double / Imperial Oyster Stout
American Double / Imperial Pale Wheat Ale
American Double / Imperial Porter
American Double / Imperial Red Ale
American Double / Imperial Red IPA
American Double / Imperial Red Porter
American Double / Imperial Red Rye Ale
American Double / Imperial Red Rye IPA
American Double / Imperial Rice IPA
American Double / Imperial Rye ESB
American Double / Imperial Rye IPA
American Double / Imperial Rye Stout
American Double / Imperial San Diego IPA
American Double / Imperial Smoked IPA
American Double / Imperial Spiced Chocolate Porter
American Double / Imperial Spiced Fruit IPA
American Double / Imperial Spiced IPA
American Double / Imperial Spiced Pale Ale
American Double / Imperial Spiced Stout
American Double / Imperial Stout
American Double / Imperial Tropical IPA
American Double / Imperial Vanilla Chocolate Coffee Stout
American Double / Imperial Vanilla Coffee Stout
American Double / Imperial Vanilla Porter
American Double / Imperial Vanilla Stout
American Double / Imperial Wheat Ale
American Double / Imperial Wheat IPA
American Double / Imperial White Ale
American Double / Imperial White IPA
American Double / Imperial White Stout
American Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)
American Fruit Blonde Ale
American Fruit Coffee Porter
American Fruit Honey Ale
American Fruit Honey IPA
American Fruit Honey Pale Wheat Ale
American Fruit IPA
American Fruit Pale Ale
American Fruit Porter
American Fruit Sour Ale
American Fruit Stout
American Gloden Ale
American Golden Ale
American Gruit
American Hazelnut Brown Ale
American Hazelnut Coffee Stout
American Hazelnut Oatmeal Pale Stout
American Honey Amber / Red Ale
American Honey Amber Ale
American Honey IPA
American Honey Lager
American Imperial Oatmeal Porter
American Imperial Wheat Stout
American Imperial Wild Ale
American India Amber / Red Ale
American India Brown Ale
American India Red Ale
American IPA
American Light Ale
American Maple Chocolate Stout
American Maple Coffee Stout
American Maple Porter
American Mild Ale
American Milk / Sweet Stout
American Milk / Sweet Vanilla Stout
American Milk Coffee Stout
American Milk IPA
American Milk Porter
American Oatmeal Amber / Red Ale
American Oatmeal Blonde Ale
American Oatmeal Brown Ale
American Oatmeal Chocolate Coffee Stout
American Oatmeal Coffee Brown Ale
American Oatmeal Coffee Porter
American Oatmeal Coffee Stout
American Oatmeal IPA
American Oatmeal Milk Stout
American Oatmeal Pale Ale
American Oatmeal Pale Stout
American Oatmeal Porter
American Oatmeal Stout
American Oatmeal Wheat IPA
American Oatmeal White IPA
American Old Ale
American Oyster Stout
American Pale Ale (APA)
American Pale Stout
American Pale Wheat Ale
American Pink Ale
American Porter
American Quadruple IPA
American Red IPA
American Red Rye Ale
American Red Rye IPA
American Rice IPA
American Rice Pale Ale
American Rye Ale
American Rye Amber IPA
American Rye IPA
American Rye Stout
American Session Amber / Red Ale
American Session Brown Ale (SBA)
American Session Coffee Brown Ale
American Session Extra Pale Ale (SXPA)
American Session Extra Special Bitter (ESB)
American Session IPA (SIPA)
American Session Pale Ale
American Session Stout
American Smoked Vanilla Stout
American Sour Ale
American Sour Fruit Porter
American Sour Fruit Stout
American Sour Porter
American Spiced Amber / Red Ale
American Spiced Black Ale
American Spiced Chocolate Brown Ale
American Spiced Coffee Stout
American Spiced Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)
American Spiced Fruit Pale Ale
American Spiced Pale Ale
American Spiced Wheat Ale
American Spiced Wheat IPA
American Stout
American Strong Ale
American Summer Ale
American Tea Blonde Ale
American Tea Milk Stout
American Triple IPA
American Triple Stout
American Vanilla Blonde Ale
American Vanilla Brown Ale
American Vanilla Coffee Porter
American Vanilla Coffee Stout
American Vanilla Oatmeal Porter
American Vanilla Oatmeal Stout
American Vanilla Porter
American Vanilla Stout
American Weiss Beer
American Wheat IPA
American Wheat Porter
American Wheat Rye Ale
American Wheat Stout
American White Ale
American White IPA
American White Stout
American Wild Ale
American Wild Blonde Ale
American Wild Brett Ale
American Wild Fruit Ale
American Wild IPA
American Winter Ale
Black & Tan
Black Pale Ale
Black Pumpkin Oatmeal Stout
Black Rye Ale
Black Rye IPA
Black Rye Pale Ale
Black Rye Porter
Black Rye Saison
Black Sour Ale
Black Wheat IPA
Black Wheatwine
Blackberry Saison
Blonde Milk / Sweet Stout
Blonde Porter
Blonde Stout
Breakfast Pale Ale
Brett Amber / Red Ale
Brett Amber Ale
Brett Bitter
Brett Brown Ale
Brett Imperial Red Ale
Brett Pale Ale
Brett Porter
Brett Primary
Brett Red Rye India Session Ale
Brett Rye Ale
Brett Rye IPA
Brett Rye Saison
Brett Saison
California Lager
California Saison
California Wit
Cascadian Dark Ale
Chai Tea Porter
Cherry Stout
Chilli Beer
Chilli Pale Ale
Chilli Porter
Chilli Red Ale
Chilli Rice Ale
Chilli Stout
Chocolate Coffee Brown Ale
Chocolate Coffee IPA
Chocolate Coffee Vanilla Oatmeal Stout
Chocolate Cream Ale
Chocolate IPA
Chocolate Oatmeal Imperial Stout
Chocolate Pumpkin Porter
Chocolate Rye
Chocolate Salted Caramel Porter
Chocolate Salted Caramel Stout
Chocolate Vanilla Brown Ale
Chocolate Vanilla Stout
Christmas IPA
Citra IPA
Citra Pale Ale
Citrus Ale
Coconut Brown Ale
Coconut Cream Ale
Coconut IPA
Coconut Pale Ale
Coffee Amber Ale
Coffee Blonde Ale
Coffee Cream Ale
Coffee Mild Ale
Coffee Pumpkin Ale
Coffee Red IPA
Coffee Rye Beer
Coffee Vanilla Brown Ale
Coffee Wheat Ale
Cream Ale
Cream Soda Ale
Dark California Common / Steam Beer
Dark Honey Ale
Dark Rye Ale
Dark Sour Ale
Double / Imperial Honey Ale
Dry Stout
East Coast IPA
East Coast Pale Ale
Extra Pale Ale (XPA)
Farmhouse IPA
Fruit Amber / Red Ale
Fruit Cream Ale
Fruit Extra Pale Ale
Fruit Milk Stout
Fruit Oatmeal Stout
Fruit Pale Wheat Ale
Fruit Rye Ale
Fruit Rye IPA
Fruit Session IPA
Fruit Shandy
Fruit Sour Gose
Fruit Sour IPA
Fruit Stout
Fruit Triple IPA
Fruit Wheat Ale
Fruit White IPA
Golden Cream Ale
Golden Rye Ale
Golden Rye IPA
Golden Stout
Golden Tea Ale
Hazelnut Porter
Herbed IPA
Hibiscus Golden Ale
Hibiscus Pale Ale
Honey Blonde Ale
Honey Brown Ale
Honey Coffee Stout
Honey Cream Ale
Honey Kölsch
Honey Pale Ale
Honey Porter
Honey Rye Ale
Honey Rye Wheat Ale
Honey Stout
Honey Wheat Ale
Imperial Black Rye IPA
Imperial Brown Ale
Imperial Cascadian Dark Ale
Imperial Chocolate Coffee Vanilla Oatmeal Stout
Imperial Chocolate Vanilla Stout
Imperial Dark Rye Ale
Imperial Dark Rye Lager
Imperial Dark Sour Ale
Imperial Fruit / Vegetable Beer
Imperial Fruit Oatmeal Stout
Imperial Fruit Sour Ale
Imperial Fruit Sour Wheat Ale
Imperial Golden Stout
Imperial Herbed / Spiced Beer
Imperial India Black Ale
Imperial New England IPA (NEIPA)
Imperial Northeast IPA
Imperial Northwest IPA (NWIPA)
Imperial Pumpkin Ale
Imperial Pumpkin Coffee Stout
Imperial Pumpkin Porter
Imperial Rice India Pale Ale
Imperial Rye Ale
Imperial Rye Pale Ale
Imperial Rye Porter
Imperial Rye Saison
Imperial Sour Ale
Imperial Sour IPA
Imperial Sour Red
Imperial Sour Wheat Ale
India Coffee Ale
India Session Lager (ISL)
Kentucky Common Beer
Kölsch IPA
Lime-Jalapeño Ale
Low Alcohol IPA
Maple Mild Ale
Midwest IPA
New England Common Beer
New England IPA (NEIPA)
New England Pale Ale
New England Session IPA (NEIPA)
Northeast IPA
Northeast Pale Ale (NEPA)
Northeast Session IPA
Northwest Amber / Red Ale
Northwest Amber Ale
Northwest Brown Ale
Northwest IPA (NWIPA)
Northwest Pale Ale
Northwest Stout
Oatmeal Amber Ale
Oatmeal Oyster Stout
Oatmeal Session IPA
Oyster Chocolate Stout
Oyster Porter
Oyster Wheat Ale
Porter IPA
Porter Stout
Pre-Prohibition Lager
Pumpkin Ale
Pumpkin Brett
Pumpkin Brown Ale
Pumpkin Coffee Stout
Pumpkin Porter
Pumpkin Rye Ale
Pumpkin Saison
Pumpkin Session Ale
Pumpkin Sour Ale
Pumpkin Stout
Quadrupel Bock
Quintuple IPA
Red Pale Ale
Red Porter
Red Rye Pale Ale
Red Sour Ale
Root Beer
Rye Amber Ale
Rye Beer
Rye Bitter
Rye Brown Ale
Rye Coffee Porter
Rye Extra Pale Ale
Rye Extra Special / Strong Bitter (Rye ESB)
Rye Golden Ale
Rye India Black Ale
Rye India Brown Ale
Rye Pale Ale
Rye Porter
Rye Saison
Rye Shandy
Rye Wheat Ale
Rye White IPA
Salted Caramel Porter
San Diego IPA
San Diego Pale Ale
San Diego Session IPA
Session Black IPA
Session Black Pale Ale
Session Dark Sour Ale
Session Mild Ale
Session Porter
Session Red Ale
Session Red IPA
Session Red IPL
Session Rye Ale
Session Rye IPA
Session Rye Pale Ale
Session Sour Ale
Session Sour Dark Ale
Session Wheat Ale
Session Wheat IPA
Session White IPA
Single Ale
Smoked Ale
Smoked Black IPA
Smoked Black Lager
Smoked Brown Ale
Smoked Chocolate Porter
Smoked Chocolate Stout
Smoked Coffee Porter
Smoked Fruit Beer
Smoked Fruit Porter
Smoked Imperial Brown Ale
Smoked Imperial Porter
Smoked Imperial Stout
Smoked Oyster Porter
Smoked Pale Wheat Ale
Smoked Pumpkin Ale
Smoked Red Ale
Smoked Rye Ale
Smoked Rye IPA
Smoked Rye Porter
Smoked Sour Porter
Smoked Wheat Ale
Smoked Wild Ale
Sour Black IPA
Sour Blonde
Sour Fruit Mead
Sour Fruit Wheat Ale
Sour Golden Ale
Sour IPA
Sour Pale Ale
Sour Pumpkin Ale
Sour Pumpkin Porter
Sour Red Ale
Sour Session Wheat Ale
Sour Stout
Sour Wheat Ale
Sour Wild Ale
Sparkling Fruit Ale
Spiced American Amber / Red Ale
Spiced American Barleywine
Spiced American Double / Imperial Stout
Spiced American Pale Ale
Spiced American Pale Wheat Ale
Spiced Black IPA
Spiced Blonde Ale
Spiced Brown Ale
Spiced Cider
Spiced Fruit IPA
Spiced Imperial IPA
Spiced IPA
Spiced Milk / Sweet Stout
Spiced Oatmeal Porter
Spiced Porter
Spiced Pumpkin Ale
Spiced Pumpkin Wheat Ale
Spiced Red Ale
Spiced Rye Ale
Spiced Rye Saison
Spiced Session Ale
Spiced Shandy
Spiced Sour Ale
Spiced Stout
Spiced White IPA
Steam Pale Ale
Strong Wheat Ale
Tea Ale
Triple Chocolate Milk Stout
Triple New England IPA (NEIPA)
Triple Red Ale
Triple Rye Ale
Triple Wheat IPA
Tropical Blonde Ale
Tropical IPA
Tropical Pale Ale
Vanilla Coffee Blonde Ale
Vanilla Coffee Cream Ale
Vanilla Cream Stout
Vanilla Mild Ale
Vanilla Pale Wheat Ale
Vegetable IPA
Vegetable Pale Ale
Vegetable Porter
Vegetable Red IPA
Vegetable Sour Ale
West Coast Imperial IPA
West Coast IPA
West Coast Pale Ale
West Coast Porter
West Coast Red Ale
West Coast Red IPA
West Coast Triple IPA
West Coast White Ale
White Golden Ale
White Session IPA
Winter IPA
Winter Rye Ale
American Lagers
Amber Lager
American Adjunct Lager
American Amber / Red Lager
American Black India Pale Lager
American Blonde Pilsner
American Brown Lager
American Dark Chocolate Lager
American Dark Lager
American Double / Imperial Dark Lager
American Double / Imperial Pale Ale
American Double / Imperial Pale Lager
American Double / Imperial Pilsner
American Honey Amber / Red Lager
American Honey Wheat Lager
American Imperial Brown India Pale Lager
American India Pale Lager (IPL)
American Lager
American Light Lager
American Malt Liquor
American Pale Lager
American Pilsner
American Rice India Pale Lager
American Session Black Lager
American Spiced Pale Lager
American Tea Lager
American Vanilla Lager
American Wheat Lager
American Wheat Pilsner
American White Lager
Black Pumpkin Lager
Blonde Lager
Brett Black Lager
Brett Lager
California Common / Steam Beer
Coconut Black Lager
Coffee Lager
Coffee Pilsner
Cream Lager
Dark Rye Lager
Extra Pale Lager (XPL)
Fruit Blonde Lager
Fruit India Pale Lager
Fruit Pilsner
Hard Cider
Hibiscus Pale Lager
Low Alcohol Beer
New England Lager
Northeast Lager
Pumpkin Lager
Pumpkin Vanilla Chai Lager
Red Session Lager
Rye Amber Lager
Rye India Pale Lager
Rye Lager
Rye Pilsner
Session Lager
Session Wheat Lager
Smoked Amber Lager
Smoked Dark Lager
Smoked Lager
Smoked Pilsner
Smoked Red Lager
Sour Pilsner
Tropical Lager
West Coast Lager
West Coast Pilsner
Winter Lager
Australian Ales
Australian Golden Ale
Australian IPA
Australian Pale Ale
Australian Strong Ale
New World Wheat Ale
Australian Lagers
New World Pilsner
Belgian / French Ales
Abbey Ale
Amber Saison
Belgian Amber Ale
Belgian Amber IPA
Belgian Barleywine
Belgian Bitter 
Belgian Black IPA
Belgian Blonde Ale
Belgian Blonde IPA
Belgian Bread Ale
Belgian Bruin
Belgian Chocolate Ale
Belgian Chocolate Stout
Belgian Christmas Ale
Belgian Coffee Porter
Belgian Coffee Stout
Belgian Dark Ale
Belgian Dark Sour Ale
Belgian Double IPA
Belgian Double Pale Ale
Belgian Farmhouse Stout
Belgian Fruit Blonde Ale
Belgian Fruit IPA
Belgian Fruit Pale Ale
Belgian Golden Ale
Belgian Hefeweizen
Belgian Imperial Black IPA
Belgian Imperial Golden Ale
Belgian Imperial IPA
Belgian imperial Pale Ale
Belgian Imperial Red Ale
Belgian Imperial Rye IPA
Belgian Imperial Stout
Belgian IPA
Belgian Lager
Belgian Milk Stout
Belgian Oatmeal White IPA
Belgian Pale Ale
Belgian Pale Wheat Ale
Belgian Porter
Belgian Pumpkin Ale
Belgian Red Ale
Belgian Red Rye Ale
Belgian Rye IPA
Belgian Rye Tripel
Belgian Saison
Belgian Session IPA
Belgian Session Pale Ale
Belgian Sour Ale
Belgian Spiced Pale Ale
Belgian Stout
Belgian Strong Blonde Ale
Belgian Strong Dark Ale
Belgian Strong Golden Ale
Belgian Strong Honey Ale
Belgian Strong Pale Ale
Belgian Summer Ale
Belgian Tea IPA
Belgian Triple IPA
Belgian White Ale
Belgian White IPA
Belgian White Lager
Belgian Winter Beer
Belgian XPA
Bière de Champagne / Bière Brut
Bière de Garde
Bière de Mars
Black Farmhouse Ale
Black Saison
Black Tripel
Blonde Bière de Garde
Bohemian Ale
Bohemian Session Ale
Brett Rye Farmhouse Ale
Brett Session Saison
Brett Table Beer
Brown Saison
Brux Ale
Cherry Blonde
Chocolate Coffee Quadrupel
Chocolate Dubbel
Chocolate Malt Beer
Chocolate Quadrupel
Coconut Saison
Coffee Dubbel
Coffee Saison
Dark Farmhouse Ale
Dark Farmhouse Ale
Dark Rye Sour Saison
Dark Saison
Dark Witbier
Double Witbier
Extra Strong Ale
Farmhouse Golden Ale
Farmhouse Pale Ale
Flanders Blonde
Flanders Oud Bruin
Flanders Red Ale
Flemish Red Ale
Flemish Sour Ale
Fruit Dubbel
Fruit Farmhouse Ale
Fruit Grisette
Fruit Quadrupel (Quad)
Fruit Saison
Fruit Session Wit
Fruit Witbier
Herbed Saison
Hibiscus Saison
Hibiscus Sour Witbier
Hibiscus Witbier
Honey Rye Saison
Honey Saison / Farmhouse Ale
Imperial Black Farmhouse Ale
Imperial Black Saison
Imperial Blended Ale
Imperial Farmhouse Ale
Imperial Farmhouse IPA
Imperial Fruit Witbier
Imperial Rye Witbier
Imperial Saison
Imperial Sour Witbier
Imperial Spiced / Herbed Saison
Imperial Witbier
India Pale Saison
Kriek Lambic
Lambic - Fruit
Lambic - Unblended
Oatmeal Saison
Oyster Saison
Pale Saison
Pumpkin Amber Ale
Pumpkin Wit
Quadrupel (Quad)
Red Saison
Rye Abbey Ale
Rye Chocolate Porter
Rye Farmhouse Ale
Rye Grisette
Saison / Farmhouse Ale
Saison aux Fleurs
Saison IPA
Session Belgian Pale Ale (SBPA)
Session Blonde Ale
Session Saison
Smoked Saison
Sour Belgian Blonde
Sour Belgian Pale Ale
Sour Brown Ale
Sour Farmhouse Ale
Sour Farmhouse IPA
Sour Saison
Sour Witbier
Spiced Abbey Ale
Spiced Belgian Strong Dark Ale
Spiced Belgian Strong Pale Ale
Spiced Farmhouse Ale
Spiced Saison
Spiced Tripel
Spiced White Ale
Spiced Witbier
Tea Dark Ale
Trappist Ale
Tripel Blonde
Vanilla Coffee Saison
Vegetable Saison
Vegetable Stout
White Ale
White Double IPA
Wild Tripel
Winter Saison
Wit Bruin
Canadian Ales
Canadian IPA
Canadian Pale Ale
Canadian Lagers
Canadian Lager
Canadian Pilsner
Czech Ales
Czech Pale Ale
Czech Lagers
Bohemian Pilsner
Czech Coffee Dark Lager
Czech Dark Lager / Tmavý
Czech Lager
Czech Pale Lager
Czech Pilsener
Danish Lagers
Danish Pilsner
Dutch Ales
Dutch Kuyt Ale
English Ales
Amber Wheat Ale
Baltic Porter
Bread Bitter
Breakfast Stout
Brett Aged
Chocolate Old Ale
Chocolate Stout
Christmas Porter
Christmas Pudding Porter
Coffee Bitter
Coffee ESB
Cornish Pale Ale
Cornish Stout
English Amber Ale
English Autumn Ale
English Barleywine
English Bitter
English Blonde Ale
English Brown Ale
English Brown Porter
English Cask Ale
English Cask Lager
English Chestnut Ale
English Chocolate Porter
English Chocolate Strong Dark Ale
English Christmas Ale
English Coconut Coffee Porter
English Coffee Brown Ale
English Coffee Porter
English Coffee Stout
English Copper Ale
English Copper Bitter
English Dark Ale
English Dark Bitter
English Dark Mild Ale
English Dark Mild Coffee Ale
English Golden Ale
English Golden Bitter
English Golden Honey Ale
English Honey Amber Ale
English Imperial India Pale Ale
English Imperial Porter
English Imperial Stout
English India Pale Ale (IPA)
English Mild Ale
English Milk / Sweet Stout
English Oatmeal Porter
English Oyster Stout
English Pale Ale
English Pale Mild Ale
English Porter
English Red Ale
English Ruby Ale
English Rye IPA
English Stout
English Strong Ale
English Strong Dark Ale
English Vanilla Stout
English Wheat Beer
Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)
Farmhouse Porter
Foreign / Export Porter
Foreign / Export Stout
Golden IPA
Honey Ale
Imperial Breakfast Stout
Imperial Coffee Stout
Imperial Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)
Imperial Milk Stout
Imperial Oatmeal Stout
India Summer Saison
Kentish Ale
Mild Kentish Stout
Oatmeal Stout
Old Ale
Premium Ale
Red Best Bitter
Russian Imperial Stout
Session Ale
Session Bitter
Summer Ale
Summer Dark Ale
Tawny Bitter
Winter Porter
Winter Warmer
English Lagers
Chocolate Lager
Christmas Lager
English Lager
English Pale Lager
English Pilsner
European Lagers
Euro Amber Lager
Euro Dark Lager
Euro Pale Lager
Euro Strong Lager
Netherlands Bok
Premium Lager
Finnish Ales
Nordic India Pale Ale
Nordic Pale Ale
Nordic Porter
German Ales
Alt Hefeweizen
Amber Bock
Amber Hefeweizen
Amber Weizen
Amber Weizenbock
Bavarian Dunkel Weissbier
Bavarian Weissbier
Berliner Weissbier
Black Gose
Black Kölsch
Blonde Hefeweizen
Brett Berliner Weissbier
Cascadian Blonde Ale
Chocolate Weizenbock
Chocolate Bock
Chocolate Doppelbock
Christmas Bock
Coconut Hefeweizen
Coffee Bock
Coffee Doppelbock
Coffee Fruit Berliner Weissbier
Coffee Gose
Coffee Kölsch
Doppelbock Dunkel
Doppelbock Helles
Dunkel Kölsch
Dunkel Maibock
Dunkel Weizenbock
Dunkelweizen Bock
Dunkelweizen Doppelbock
Fruit Altbier
Fruit Berliner Weissbier
Fruit Chocolate Dunkelweizen
Fruit Gose
Fruit Hefeweizen
Fruit Kölsch
Fruit Sour Berliner Weissbier
Fruit Weissebier
Fruit Weizen
German Black IPA
German Double IPA
German Golden Ale
German IPA
German Pale Ale
German Pale Wheat Ale
German Porter
German Red Ale
German Rye Ale
German Summer Beer
Golden Helles
Golden Weizenbock
Gose IPA
Helles Hefeweizen
Helles Weizenbock
Honey Bock
Honey Hefewiezen
Honey Weissbier
Imperial Altbier
Imperial Berliner Weisse
Imperial Dunkelweizen
Imperial Kölsch
Imperial Lager
Imperial Märzen / Oktoberfest
Imperial Schwarzbier
India Pale Weizen
Low Alcohol Hefeweizen
Pale Wheat Hefeweizen
Pumpkin Dunkelweizen
Rauch Altbier
Rauch Bock
Rauch Doppelbock
Rauch Dunkelweizen
Rauch Kölsch
Rauch Schwarzbier
Rauch Weizenbock
Roggen Weisse
Roggen Weizen
Rye Altbier
Rye Bock
Rye Doppelbock
Rye Kölsch
Schwarz Berliner Weissbier
Smoked Berliner Weisse
Smoked Hefeweizen
Smoked Märzen
Sour Berliner Weissbier
Sour Gose
Sour Hefeweizen
Spiced Berliner Weissbier
Spiced Doppelbock
Spiced German Pale Ale
Spiced Gose
Spiced Kölsch
Spiced Sour Gose
Spiced Weizen
Triple Bock
Triple Dunkelweizen
Vegetable Berliner Weissbier
Vegetable Gose
Vegetable Kölsch
Weizen IPA
White Hefeweizen
Winter Bock
Winter Weizen
Winterbier Dunkel
German Lagers
Bavarian Dunkel Lager
Bavarian Helles Lager
Bohemian Amber Lager
Bohemian Dark Pilsner
Dark German Pilsener
Dortmunder / Export Lager
Dunkel Zwickelbier
Fruit Radler
German Imperial Pilsner
German Lager
German Pale Lager
German Pilsener
Golden Pilsner
Imperial Gose
Imperial Munich Dunkel Lager
Kellerbier / Zwickelbier
Kellerbier Hell
Maibock / Helles Bock
Märzen / Oktoberfest
Munich Dunkel Lager
Munich Helles Lager
Rauch Helles
Red Pilsner
Roggen Dunkel
Smoked Märzen / Oktoberfest
Sparkling Pilsner
Spiced Fruit Radler
Spiced Radler
Vienna Lager
Fruit / Vegetable Beer
Fruit Mead
Ginger Beer
Grodziskie / Grätzer
Hard Seltzer
Herbed / Spiced Beer
Icewine Beer
Imperial Pumpkin Stout
Smoked Beer
Smoked IPA
Smoked Porter
Smoked Stout
Sour Beer
Table Beer
Welsh Bitter
Welsh Golden Ale
Welsh Mild
Welsh Pale Ale
Welsh Porter
Welsh Stout
Welsh Summer Ale
Indian Ales
East India Porter
Imperial India Summer Saison
India Black Ale
India Golden Ale (IGA)
India Session Ale (ISA)
India Stout
India Wheat Ale
Indian Lagers
East India Lager
Herbed / Spiced India Pale Lager
Imperial India Pale Lager
India Black Lager
India Red Lager
Session India Pale Lager (SIPL)
Irish Ales
Imperial Irish Coffee Stout
Imperial Irish Cream Stout
Imperial Irish Dry Stout
Imperial Irish Red Ale
Irish Amber Ale
Irish Black Ale
Irish Coconut Porter
Irish Coffee Stout
Irish Coffee Sweet / Milk Stout
Irish Cream Stout
Irish Dark Ale
Irish Dry Stout
Irish IPA
Irish Lager
Irish Pale Ale
Irish Porter
Irish Red Ale
Irish Red IPA
Irish Spiced Pale Ale
Smoked Irish Stout
West Indies Porter
Italian Ales
Italian Amber Ale
Italian Golden Ale
Italian Pale Ale
Italian Stout
Italian Lagers
Italian Lager
Japanese Ales
Chocolate Dark Ale
Fruit Golden Ale
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Piraat (Amber Triple IPA)

Piraat (Amber Triple IPA)

Brouwerij Van Steenberge N.V.
Belgian Triple IPA

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